How To Win In Poker

It isn’t important if you’re a recreational card player who loves a match monthly, or an aspiring pro spending hours grinding outside profits every day…

But I am guessing you knew genuinely successful players do something different than the rest.

Others put it down to years of practice… practice… and more practice…

But the truth is, just about all professional poker players use a small collection of’techniques’ that they use to beat the game… time and time again.

And in the Upcoming few minutes, I’ll show these methods are… And how you can use them in your game to see constant wins in both money games.

To do so, I will take you behind the scenes with some of the world’s greatest poker players, and show precisely how they have managed to make millions of dollars

But before we get into the particulars, there are two chief reasons why professionals have an’unfair advantage’ prior to the cards hit the table.

Or, to put it simply, the benefit professional poker players hold above their opponents, whatever the cards dealt, chip stacks, or situation.

You see, the wonderful poker players — Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth — know who they are playing.

And they will use this simple thought-pattern to outsmart, outwit, and control their opponents, giving them a winning edge.

Actually, every professional poker player on Earth would admit to using their understanding of who they are playing in conjunction with one of the following play-styles:

  • Play aggressively to acquire a large pot with a strong hand
  • Play passively to try to win with a feeble hand
  • Play aggressively to make your opponent fold a hand

And while what they are able to do may look like’magical,’ these are only the basic fundamentals of poker, with the additional advantage of using their advantage.

In just a couple of moments, you will discover ways to think, behave, and triumph like the experts.

But let us look at the next reason the experts are winning consistently.

Poker theory is, in essence, the basic rules of profiting from poker.

This means knowing how the game works, fundamental math, proportions, and also how to make the best choices which are rewarding in the long term.

And as David Sklansky — author of”The Theory Of Poker” — said: It’s the purpose of optimizing wins and minimizing losses.

It is simple — With theoretically balanced ranges, professionals have the ability to play consistent with the most lucrative playing style.

This implies that against 99.9% of gamers you will make profitable plays, virtually every time.

Of course, there’ll be occasions when your aces get cracked by kings or where he strikes his one-outer on the river.

But adhere to these lucrative styles of play, and also you can assure yourself a big, fat, juicy revenue stream.

And the beauty is that many gamers that call themselves’professionals,’ do not use these concepts correctly.

They place their money and hope for the best.

And do not get me wrong — they do well.

They could do a great deal better.

And that is why I’ve been always crushing cash games and tournaments for the last 12 years.

I have made millions of dollars in my career (yes that is net profit).

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